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What is an Organic Vineyard?

by Byron Locke
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What is an organic vineyard? This question has become a popular one these days because of the growing awareness about the harmful effects associated with the consumption of harmful chemicals found in commercial farming and other forms of gardening. Wine is made using grapes grown according to organic standards of agricultural production, which means no fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial substances are used in the process of growing the grapes. The grapes themselves are an important part of what is an organic vineyard because they are the product that makes wine. Since no synthetic materials are used in their production, there is very little residual toxic chemicals leftover in the wine after it has been bottled and stored for years.

An organic vineyard is usually located outside the home or business of the grower because there are many restrictions on what can be sprayed around residences and commercial grows. If you are growing grapes near your home, there are regulations regarding what can be sprayed around your home. In some places, for example, if you are growing strawberries on your property, you cannot spray the strawberry bushes with any type of insecticide or poison because that would require an application of a pesticide that could be hazardous to your children and pets. Some people are very concerned about the fact that they are not able to use any of the chemicals and pesticides that are commonly used in the production of wine and grape juice. When you talk about what is an organic vineyard, this does not mean that the vines will not produce a quality wine or grape juice; it simply means that they will produce a wine or grape juice that is free of chemicals and toxins.

Some people are concerned about the environmental impact of commercial farming methods and the chemicals that they use to protect plants and crops. Wine producers who are based out of California take this concern very seriously and work very hard to be consistent in terms of the health and nutritional content of the fruits and vegetables that they produce. In other words, if you go to a farm, you are more than likely going to see organically grown foods being harvested and processed. Talk with other consumers who may be confused as to what is an organic vineyard. Most consumers just want to know that they are doing something good for their own health and the environment.

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