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What is Vegan Wine?

by Byron Locke
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It may seem a bit strange to ask, but what is a vegan wine? And if you askmany people about their favorite kind of wine is, they will tell you "wine". Probably without even giving you a straight answer. However, an informal survey of vegan wine drinkers finds that many of them (even those who tend to be more informed about wine) are more conscientious when it comes to drinking wine.
Vegan Wine Perfect Break Wines
Vegans consider themselves to be health-conscious individuals who adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle with the exception of not consuming any food made with or contains animal products or byproducts. This often means abstaining from eating red meat, dairy products, and eggs, though many vegans choose to eat only organic produce. There are a number of excellent vegan winemakers in Australia and abroad, who pride themselves on using natural, antibiotic-free grapes grown in rich soil without the use of animal biproducts. They take great care in the vineyards where their grapes are grown, and the wines produced are both delicious and healthy. Some winemakers go even further, practicing what is called "slow wine making", in which a grape variety is grown for up to four years, allowing the vines to fully mature and produce sweet, full-bodied wines - sometimes in as short as eight months.
Many vegan winemakers also grow organic grapes in the same rich soil, allowing them to produce delicious vegan wines that are also as good, if not better, than traditionally grown wines. One of the most popular vegan wine varieties is the vegan-friendly shiraz. Other popular vegan-friendly varietals include Sauvignon Blanc and Roé. In recent years, some of Margaret River's finest winemakers have taken it upon themselves to make vegan wine available to consumers all over the country. Many winemakers make all-organic and completely vegan wine, so you no longer have to give up the fruits and vegetables that make your food taste great. Our wines are organically-processed which means we do not use any additives in the processing and producing of our wines. We also have an online store delivering nationwide in Australia. Buy wine online

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