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Wine Food Pairings

by Byron Locke
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Wine and food pairing is the act of pairing fine food with wine to improve the overall dining experience. In most societies, wine has had quite a checkered past, starting off as something more for the high-end wine lover who would enjoy a glass with expensive Champagne. Then slowly evolving into the more mainstream drink for everyday use, wine and food pairing became more acceptable. However, in some areas, wine and food pairing still have some of their restrictions, especially since the opposing flavors are used in quite often.

The main argument against food and wine pairing is that too much of either will overpower the other and change the taste of the entire meal. To prevent this, restaurants and other public establishments usually offer a wine or a non-alcoholic beverage option for those who wish to try a new dish. This drink may have a cheaper price tag than a bottle of white wine, but it still allows the diner to be paired with a simpler dish without changing the entire course of the meal. With this in mind, advertisements for fine wines made specifically for these type of dishes can sometimes get overlooked in favor of flashy advertisements and celebrity endorsements.

Some popular television advertisements make wine and desserts seem like an excellent match, as they often feature people eating with red wine accompanied by white wine. However, one must remember that the two wines are usually from different regions and sometimes have very different characteristics. Red wine may be more dry and sweeter while white wine tends to be drier and with a fruity undertone. Because of this, it's important to look past these differences when viewing an advertisement for fine wines to pair with different foods. The proper pairing of wine with red wine or white wine with white wine can create a great dish, but misleading advertisements may lead one astray.

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