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Why Australian Wine Is So Good

by Byron Locke
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It may come as a surprise to learn that the country of Australia produces some of the finest quality wines in the world, and why Australian wine is so good. There are two main factors behind this. One is the climate of Australia, which is one of the driest and most arid climates in the world, and which allows a lot of fruit to ripen that is not affected by the weather.

Another factor is the soil conditions of Australia, which is highly fertile. This means that the vines can get the required amount of sunlight and water to fully develop the wine, without being bothered by the cold or rain. The climate is also very hospitable to grapes, allowing them to grow to maturity without going through a lot of stress or suffering any diseases. As such, they can produce wines that are of excellent quality. The reason why Australian wine is so good has to do with these two factors combined.

When it comes to the climate, Australia has long hours of sunlight. This is ideal for growing grapes, because as they ripen they release their juices more quickly. This makes Australian wine something that is highly enjoyable on a hot day. In fact, it is Australia’s most popular wine, with 45% of the market based on its pleasant flavor.

The other important factor is the soil, which is extremely acidic. This means that Australian wine will thrive when stored in temperatures between sixty to ninety degrees Fahrenheit. Australian vineyards are also very close to the sea, which allows them to be able to age their wines in the open air, without fear of it drying out.

The oak barrels in which the wine is aged also plays a big role. They allow the wines to breathe and to create their very own aromas, from the yeast and fruit to the oak itself. The acids in the barrels help the wine become balanced, rather than being too acidic. Australian wine has a very high acidity level, but this is balanced by the natural acidity of the earth.

Finally, there is the variety of the vineyards itself. It should be noted that not all wineries make wine from the same variety. Some produce red, others white and some have both. While they may be in different regions, the taste is still uniquely Australian. You can learn why Australian wine is so good by visiting your local winery.

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